During this uncertain time with a continued pandemic and global protesta of racial injustice let's remember that #BlackJoyMatters. The Debauchery Ball and #BeDebaucherous are a way of escaping the madness, and going to a safe place where Black people can be free, if only for a short while.

 ImageNation’s Sōl Cinema Cafe is proud to announce the virtual theatrical release of the documentary, Thee Debauchery Ball, a film about a private, protected space where Black people can be free.  Starting June 12th on www.SolCinemaCafe.com, this celebrated film will be paired with #BeDebaucherous, 14 days of virtual after parties featuring more than 30 of the hottest house music DJ’s from across the globe. Tickets are available beginning June 10th. Click here for tickets


Directed by David Weathersby, Thee Debauchery Ball celebrates Chicago’s large and thriving Afrocentric house music scene. Awarded Best Film at the Southside Chicago Film Festival, Thee Debauchery Ball tells the story of a bi-annual event that pays reverence to the roots of house music culture, while expanding the scope and appreciation with innovative and unprecedented fetish-themed, body-positive parties held within safe spaces in the Black community. 

The #BeDebaucherous parties will run for 14 consecutive days, 9pm to 11pm, EST. Attendees will be encouraged to broadcast themselves dancing live in their homes, being debaucherous during this two-week soiree. A slate of DJ’s in from Pretoria, the capital of house music in South Africa, will join the party June 14 to 18, at 4pm EST. 

The Sol Cinema Cafe enlisted RhythmAndSoulRadio.com to invite many of the DJ’s including: RhythmAndSoulRadio.com's DJ Blackicon1 , The Legendary Chris Washington and DJ King JamesNYC  along with"DJ Superfriends"  of RhythmAndSoulRadio.com Salah Ananse (ATL), DJ Shani (Austin, TX), DJ Nimbus (Houston, TX), DJ Adam Cruz (NJ), Cales & Mr. Hyde (Colombia, South America), DJ P/Shift (NYC) and Sundae Sermon’s DJ Stormin Norman (NYC),DJ M. Forde Chicago’s original Thee Debauchery Ball DJs including DJ Big Will, Steve Maxwell, Chris Underwood, Craig Elliot, Rae Chardonnay, SolKat, Dave Maze, Jo de Presser, Ron Carroll, Gene Hunt, Vince Adams, DJ Craig Alexander and others will also provide the sounds of the #BeDeBaucherous virtual afterparties. #BeDeBaucherous virtual day parties have been added with South Africa’s Husky Records DJs: DJ HK (6/14), DJ Jazzy Dee (6/15), DJ Positive K (6/16) and DJ Mac Lopez (6/18), at 4PM EST. 

Thee Debauchery Ball, is a fun, interactive, sexy exploration of a Black subculture,” said Gregory Gates, Sol Cinema Cafe partner. “The film celebrates house music -- Black Chicago’s gift to the world -- and gives a glimpse into a scene that many would be surprised exists within Black America. It fits our mission to expand definitions of Black humanity.  Plus, we hope Thee Debauchery Ball will help relieve stress and offer some levity during a time of crisis and unrest.”